What are the flu like symptoms? - Find out what the typical symptoms are for the seasonal flu and learn how to get tested for the common flu.
How do you test for the flu? - What methods are available to test for the seasonal flu and how long does it take?
  • Flu test results - Where can you get flu test results to determine if you have the seasonal flu and how soon should you get a test after symptoms start?
  • Symptoms of the Flu - What are the common flu symptoms and what steps should one take if they are experiencing them?
  • Pregnancy and Flu - Why is pregnancy and flu such a dangerous mix and what are potential complications?
Should I get a flu test? - What symptoms should you be looking for to determine if you should get a flu test?
  • Pregnancy and the flu - What special risks exists for pregnant women when dealing with the seasonal flu?
  • Duration of flu symptoms - What is the duration of flu symptoms in both adults and children and why is a flu test an important first step?
  • Flu and Pregnancy - What complications can develop from the flu when a woman is pregnant and what special precautions need to be taken to avoid the flu?
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